How to Add Choice Groups in Subscribie

How to Add Choice Groups in Subscribie

With Subscribie you are able to sell subscriptions online which have options attached to them. For example, you may have a choice of colour, or, if selling food you might request that customers answer whether they have a nut allergy.

Adding Choice Groups on your Subscribie website can help your customers easily select from a variety of options within the same package. This helps to eliminate the creation of duplicated plans with the same product, and helps to customise the product or service provided.

For example, a shop owner is selling monthly gift boxes. The owner is interested in knowing the gender and favourite colour of customers so they can create a personalised gift box for them.

By adding the Choice Group, the owner can then ask clients for their preference, which can then be used to adjust their gift box according to their selected choices.

Steps to add Choice Groups into your plan:

*If we continue with the above example

  1. Go to your Subscribie shop.
  2. Remember to login via the shop owner login at the bottom of the site.


3. After logging in, Look for the "Choice Group" options in the Dashboard and click on the green "Add/Delete/Edit Choice Groups" button.


4. Click the green "Add Choice Group" button to start adding your options.

5. Name your Choice Group and click "Save".
6. Click "Options" to start creating the specific Choice Group options.

  1. In the Options Menu, you can start adding the different options you want to sell.


  1. Go back to the Choice Groups feature.

9. Click on "Assign Plan" to assign the Choice Group to an existing plan.

10. Select the plan that you would like to add the Choice Group to and click "Save".


  • Shop Owners can apply one Choice Group to many plans.
  • Plans can have many Choice Groups.
  • Choice Groups can have many options.

How will customers use the Choice Groups?

The customers will access your shop and start looking for packages that they are interested in. Then, the clients will click to see the choice options of their favourite plan.


After the customer chooses a plan, an options page will load enabling the clients to choose from the recently created Choice Groups.


In the end, the Order Summary will specify the chosen plan and options.


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