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Stripe Made Simple

Stripe is primarily used to collect one-off payments through e-commerce websites. It integrates into your e-store, acting as a payment gateway that facilities the transaction between your business and the consumer. Stripe allows for payments to be taken directly on your website, without the headache of having to go through a third party website. Stripe has no set up fees, monthly fees, validation fees or failed payment costs at the basic level, however, Stripe does charge 2.9%+30p per transaction, slighly lower than PayPal. Stripe is very easy to set up, put your name, email and bank details in and your ready to go. Many popular website builders have Stripe incorporated as a standard, for example Subscription Website Builder.


  • Mobile Functionality
  • Easy set up
  • Worldwide
  • Easy integration to your website
  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Multi-Currency Support


  • Transaction costs
  • May require web development skills for adjustments
  • Only online customer service

For many businesses, Stripe is the go-to one-off payment gateway. For a more detailed overview of payment gateway options and all things subscription website, see our blogs on subscription website tips and recurring payment information.