Reasons To Choose Subscribie

Start a subscription website in 10 minutes

Subscribie is fast. Start selling on subscription quickly

In a rush? Head to the Start Building page, and within ten minutues you can generate a simple subscription website to sell your service or items on subscription. You can specify a monthly fee, as well as up-front costs (for things such as set-up fees).

Sell anything on subscription- not just things

With Subscribie, we don't assume you're selling physical items. Perhaps you're wanting to sell a service, or your time. We don't assume you're posting goods. This means Subscribie is flexible to your business needs, regardless of whether you are selling items or services.

Got a website already? You can embed Subscribie into it

You can embed Subscribie into an existing website. We provide a piece code which you simply paste into your website. Just login your shops admin dashboard, copy & paste the code and you're done!

Free Shop address

Every shop gets a free shop web address, so if you don't have a web address already, you can use ours for free. If you have an existing website address, you can either embed Subscribie into your existing website, or ask for help to connect your existing address to Subscribie.

Open Source Subscription Software (You can see the code)

We built Subscribie to solve a problem we had, we only charge to host Subscribie for you (see pricing). Most people love that, but if you want to you can also host it yourself (but you need to know how, or hire someone). Start building now, and we'll host for you.

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