Subscription Website Builder

How much do you charge?

You can view our simple pricing structure here. We take a base rate of £ 6.99 per month plus 1.25% of the sales you make through Subscribie. Stripe, our integrated payment tool, also take a small percentage; see Stripe pricing

How do I login?

Visit your shop url, press 'login' and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link which logs you into your shop. We don't store passwords at Subscribie, so you're more safe from password theft.

What is my shop URL?

We make yout shop URL out of the business name you enter during the sign-up process. After Sign-up is complete you will be able to find your shop URL in the Welcome Eamil you receive from us.

Can I use Subscribie with my existing website?

Yes. You don't need to have an existing website, but if you do, then you can embed your subscription website into an existing website using the 'embed' option from your shops dashboard.

When I get orders, how will I see them and track them?

New orders appear as a new customer on the customers list on your shop dashboard. Also, there's a transactions list to see payments which have came through, and also invoices generated.

Can I take order notes from customers?

Yes. For each subscription plan you sell, you can choose to request customers leave a note alongside their order. You can then see these on you shop dashboard under 'order notes'.

Is it possible to have both a recurring price and a one-off price on the same product?

Yes. Although this is a rare scenario, in this scenario, you would create the same item twice but with two titles:
Title one: (Your product name) - Pay one-off
Title two: (Your product name) - Pay monthly
You would then configure only an up-front cost for item one, and a monthly fee for item two. Easy!

How many orders can Subscribie handle, does the price change?

There is no enforced limit on the number of orders your shop can take, and the price remains the same regardless of how many orders your shop processes.

May I use my own web address/domain name?

Yes, after activating your shop you can either use an existing web address you own, or purchase an additional domain through us. We recommend Karma Domains for .co.uk subscription websites. You don't have to do this, all shops get a Subscribie branded web address for free!

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